Are you in a situation that has gotten out of control? Confused about what to do next?

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How does Treatment Strategy™ work?

With over 20,000 treatment centers in the world, and an array of methods and options available, treatment and recovery can be an overwhelming system to navigate. Treatment Strategy™ offers expert guidance, ensuring that you find the most effective care available based on your specific needs, desires, and priorities – providing a clear roadmap to successful recovery.

No two situations are identical for those in need of treatment and support, and finding the right treatment path is crucial to ensure ongoing success. Treatment Strategy™ is a comprehensive service that carefully evaluates every factor of the current situation and past experiences, providing the most relevant options available as well as alternatives that may not have been previously offered or explored.


The Top 3 Tactics for Treatment Success

Overwhelmed by treatment options or afraid of making the wrong choice? Learn how to avoid stepping into costly, ineffective or questionable treatment situations. Get help from this free download, which offers invaluable information and tactics for ensuring success.

What people are saying about us.

QuoteThe key to recovery is a professional's counsel. Please don't suffer in vain or waste time and resources by unknowingly taking half measures, as my family did. Get proper help, and call Rickard today.Quote

- Shaun P., Santa Barbara.

QuoteFor someone who has been there and done that, the personalized care Rickard built for me over the last year saved my life, and prevented a lot of pain for my friends and family. Thank you, Rickard. God Bless You.Quote

- Sarah K., Dallas.

QuoteSince working with Rickard I have not only found long-term sobriety but also found a new way of life. I hope others who are struggling not only with addiction but also with life in general get a chance to work with him.Quote

- Jason L., Seattle